Pingree Renewable Energy

In 2013 the school installed solar panels on the flat roof of the Johnson Ice Rink. The savings were significant, allowing Pingree to keep the rink open year round.

The Athletics building, which was designed by OLSON LEWIS + Architects and completed in 2014, was chosen as the second installation site of an additional 319 solar panels which cover almost 50% of the electric needs for the sports building.

Solect Energy >>  from Hopkinton MA –a full service solar photovoltaic (PV) project developer– was called on to handle the solar requirements for Pingree. According to Solect’s Steve Bianchi, the school was motivated to go solar, not only for financial reasons but also because of their keenness to educate the students about renewable energy. Steve helped the school set up a curriculum using the online monitoring tools provided with the system, which graphically show the benefits of their particular system at Pingree.

Johnson Ice Rink | 770 solar panels  | 222 kW | meets approx. 45-50% of the rinks electricity needs

Athletics Building | 319 solar panels |  94.1 kW | meets approx.  50% of the centers electricity needs

Adding to the schools contribution to the environment, Pingree installed two Electric Car Charger Stations at the back of the Athletics building.

According to one useful app >> which is a nationwide interactive map of charging stations for electric cars, the closest high power charger station to Pingree School to date is ten miles away from the school.

Because of the school’s provision of on-site electric car plug-in locations for those affiliated with Pingree, charging is so much more convenient for the end user. These charger stations not only help those who already own an electric car, but also potentially tips the balance for those who are considering buying one and are still weighing their options.

Pingree should be proud of the awareness they bring to issues of renewable energy and the positive impact they are making in their community!

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