Stunning Shingle style home with ocean views and large rock ledge.

Coastal Collaboration

New Build
North Shore
CM Ragusa Builders
Core & Shell
Red Bank Design Center
Project Architect
Blue Sky Architects
a division of OLSON LEWIS + Architects
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A charming shingle-style home with a welcoming front porch and door.
A shingle-style porch with a railing and a porch light, creating a cozy and inviting entrance.
A spacious room with a sizable window and a door, located in a pool house patio.
A spacious home with a fire pit in the yard, perfect for outdoor gatherings and cozy evenings.
A spacious living room with expansive windows offering a scenic view of the water.
A cozy bedroom with bunk beds and a porthole window providing natural light and views of the water.
A bedroom with a spacious window offering a scenic view of the water.
A cozy bedroom with a comfortable bed and a window seat overlooking a scenic view.
A spacious bathroom featuring a large tub and a stylish black and white tile floor.
Luxurious bathroom featuring glass shower door and marble flooring.
A well-lit room featuring a desk and a window, creating a serene workspace with natural light.
A staircase with wooden stairs and a painting hanging on the wall.
Light-filled dining room with Elegant dining room furniture and arched double doorway out onto the deck.
A spacious kitchen featuring a sizable island and sleek white cabinets.
Modern kitchen with stove, oven, sink & clever spice storage.
View from kitchen into A cozy living room with a fireplace and TV.
A wine cellar with wooden shelves and bottles neatly arranged.
A charming shingle-style carriage house garage featuring a generous driveway and a striking tree.
apartment above the garage carriage house with custom wood ladder.
Custom wood work bench in the carriage house.
A shingle-style home with a spacious driveway and illuminated lights.
Sunroom pool house with pool and patio furniture on rock ledge.
A poolside scene with vibrant red umbrellas and chairs, carved in the rock ledge, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.
Drone shot of home from afar, showing pool and pool house on the rock ledge with spacious shingle-style home above.
Aerial view of home and pool.