Creating an Environment for Curiosity

TAKING A DEEP DIVE into what makes a school tickBefore Architects and planners put pen to paper, they need to understand the community for whom they are designing. Discerning a school’s character is easier said than done. The questions are often simple, yet to unravel and prioritize what is most important to each of the various stakeholders  -students, parents, faculty, and staff- takes experience, time, discussion & analysis.


The education team at OLSON LEWIS + has honed a process they call ‘immersion,’ which is along the lines of the education ‘visioning’ process. They observe, meet and hold workshops with the various constituents to amalgamate the priorities – goals – expectations – concerns

The theme that emerged from an in-depth exploration into what makes Shore Country Day School unique was Community Connection and Creativity. From this emerged the much loved Center for Creativity.


The Lawrence A. Griffin Center for Creativity at Shore Country Day School is a place where Upper and Lower School students, faculty, parents, and visitors can explore and discover new inspiration and ideas that cross all academic boundaries.

The students are allowed the opportunity to build, create and design. They think individually and collaboratively. The new Center connects the community with opportunities for meeting, innovating, designing, theater, art, and music. It has become the hub of life on campus, a place for creativity and innovation for everyone at Shore.

“When you enter the new Center for Creativity, you can’t help but get excited.
There is no better space for creative expression anywhere.”
– Larry A. Griffin (Former Head of School)

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