Wellesley Country Club Racquet Center

Wellesley Country Club
New Build
Environmental Graphics
Interior Design
Wellesley MA
Core & Shell
Project Architect
Blue Sky Architects
a division of OLSON LEWIS + Architects
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The new Wellesley Country Club Racquet Facility addresses several concerns to align with specific feedback from the membership. A top priority of the project is for the exterior design and façade treatment to more closely reflect and complement the campus's residential scale and architectural style. The new design aligns all four Plexicushion tennis courts into a single structure encompassing the existing building footprint and two outdoor courts to the West. Since the pairs of courts are not in separate spaces, the design includes a fixed partition to acoustically separate the two pairs of courts. Program areas and a covered walkway wrap around the East, South, and West facades, concealing the large mass of the court structure and providing a residential scale to the exterior.

Detailing of the exterior, including shingle siding, stone, projected eaves, dormers, window shutters, and cupolas, draw from similar detailing on the adjacent pool house. A court viewing lounge is provided along the West façade at the upper level, looking down into all four courts with views of the outdoor courts to the West. An outdoor patio outside the viewing lounge and a kitchen/bar inside to service the varied functions and activities held in the lounge.

An expanded Pro Shop with two offices, Men's and Women's locker rooms, a family changing room, and appropriate storage round out the Racquets programming. In the upper-level gable along the South side, space is created above the locker rooms to suit the development of a golf lounge with two professional golfing simulators allowing year-round training.