The completed Aspen Aerogels Technology Center is a Hub of Innovation

OLSON LEWIS + Architects and PIDC Construction worked with Aspen Aerogels to transform their 28,000-square-foot laboratory into the cutting-edge Aspen Aerogels Technology Center. This renovation underscores Aspen Aerogels' commitment to taking charge of sustainability and electrification solutions.

A Nexus of Innovation and Collaboration 

The Aspen Aerogels Technology Center has been designed to serve as a dynamic hub for technological advancement. The center now features a range of state-of-the-art laboratory spaces, offices, testing, and prototyping facilities tailored to foster innovation. The redesign includes modern amenities such as a welcoming reception area, a large cafe, various gathering spaces, reservable virtual meeting rooms, and expansive open office layouts, all created to enhance collaboration and spark creative breakthroughs.

Sustainable Design at the Forefront 

Reflecting Aspen Aerogels' core values, the renovation project incorporated sustainable design principles throughout. OLSON LEWIS + Architects ensured that every element, from low-VOC paints to recycled materials, was chosen with environmental impact in mind. Collaborating with PIDC Construction, the team sourced salvaged materials for frameless glass wall systems and light fixtures from other renovation projects, promoting a circular economy and aligning with financial and environmental objectives.

A Collaborative Success Story 

The collaboration between Aspen Aerogels, OLSON LEWIS + Architects, and PIDC Construction is a testament to a robust process and aligned goals. The partnership ensured that the final design met all stakeholder expectations through detailed planning and alignment of project requirements with specific program adjacencies and mechanical needs. This strategic approach was crucial in realizing a facility that perfectly embodies Aspen Aerogels' aspirations.

Today, the Aspen Aerogels Technology Center is a beacon of innovation in sustainability and electrification. This project enhances Aspen Aerogels' operational capabilities and enables their partners and customers to further their objectives in essential global trends like resource efficiency, e-mobility, and clean energy.

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