History and Innovation at Tenacre Country Day School's new Design Center

Wellesley, MA—Tenacre Country Day School has chosen Olson Lewis + Architects, Erland Construction, and Scalora Consulting Group to lead a transformative project for its campus. A new, state-of-the-art Design Center will soon start construction after the historic headmaster's residence, Appledore, is moved to its new location and revitalized.

Building the Future: The New Design Center 

The new two-story, 9,480-square-foot Design Center will emerge as a beacon of innovation at the front of the school. The center will feature cutting-edge facilities that promise to elevate the academic experience at Tenacre Country Day School. The design reflects a commitment to creating environments that inspire students and educators alike.

Preserving the Past: The Renewal of Appledore 

Relocating Appledore is the first step in the construction project. It will take 4–6 weeks to move Appledore forward approximately 175 feet closer to Benvenue Street. Under the planned renovations, it will transform into a vibrant hub for admissions and development offices, integrating modern functionality with a respectful nod to its rich heritage. This project aims to enhance the overall campus aesthetic while meeting the evolving needs of the school community.

A Collaborative Vision 

"We are delighted to embark on this journey with Erland Construction and Olson Lewis + Architects," expressed Will Crissman, Head of School at Tenacre Country Day School. Ben McConchie, Academic Group Manager at Erland Construction, shared his excitement about the project's potential impact: "The restoration of Appledore and the construction of the Design Center represent a unique opportunity to blend history with innovation, creating spaces that will inspire generations of students for years to come."

This collaboration highlights Olson Lewis + Architects' commitment to creating beautiful places that resonate with purpose and history. As we progress with this project, we are thrilled to contribute to a legacy of functional and inspirational learning environments.

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