Design of HQ connects offices and labs

A unique central spiral staircase connects Forma Therapeutics’ multi-floor headquarters, offering views into the laboratory spaces and opportunities for chance meetings. The idea for lighting to play a prominent role in the design happened early, “Everyone responded positively to the artisanal glass shapes, loosely reminiscent of red cells, and a nod to the organization’s work with rare blood disorders.” The glowing glass discs– visible from all three floors– appear to be “raining” down the center of the staircase. “The final fixture gives an uplifting sense of vibrancy, a mood enhancer to all who pass by,” Michele Brooks, Principal and Director of Life Sciences, says.

OL+ Designers also took advantage of acoustic lighting to enhance an employee lounge area. The casual seating clusters on the perimeter of the workstations use a sound-absorbing structure installed within a light ring, reducing unwanted ambient noise generated in the lounge areas. The acoustic panels are composed of a synthetic felt that is at least 40 percent recycled PET, making them recyclable and odorless. Vertical acoustic panels with integrated lighting throughout the lounge assist with sound absorption and create a warm and inviting environment as employees relax or catch up on work.

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