Meet Seth Morrissey, Our New Associate

Seth joined our team in 2011 shortly after completing his Bachelors in Architecture degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology >> and he has grown to become an integral member of the OL+ Team.

During the past seven years at OL+,  Seth has gained extensive experience in life science, education, and residential projects. Working directly with clients, his role includes communication, planning, design, working drawings, presentation imaging, project coordination, and construction administration. From start to finish, Seth works closely with everyone on the OL+ team to ensure a successful project outcome.

Developing his knowledge and interest in emerging technologies, Seth plays a key role in implementing the use of BIM technology into the everyday workflow of the office.

Before embarking on his degree, Seth worked in the construction field, where he developed an interest in architecture. Working on various residential construction projects allowed him the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of building systems. This background in building has proved to be indispensable when working in the field of architecture.

Seth spent the past three years (2015 -2018) working towards his Masters of Architecture at the Boston Architectural College (BAC) >> while continuing to be an essential OL+ team member during the day!

see Seth’s Master of Architecture Thesis Project >>

Seth with his professors during his final thesis review

While at the BAC, he received the William E. Nast Scholarship, and was honored with the “Excellence in Thesis” award for the most impressive portfolio and ranking in the top ten of his class academically.

As a lifelong Gloucester resident, Seth hopes to become active in the future and growing development of his hometown and surrounding communities.


see Seth’s Master of Architecture Thesis Project  >>
read more about the BAC Awards >>

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