Master Planning: Helping Communities Strategize for the Years Ahead

IMMERSION | Our years spent working in Education environments have allowed us to develop a way of gathering information which we call IMMERSION, which includes on-site observation and meetings with all constituents, to address their thoughts and ideas.

ASKING GOOD QUESTIONS | Our years of experience give us the ability to ask many good, and often previously unasked questions of all constituents such as faculty & administration, facilities management, students & parents, members & trustees, board & alumni. During these meetings common underlying themes emerge, reinforcing what is important to the community as a whole.

| These themes are then distilled and discussed leading to results, often variations of ideas previously imagined, which become the narrative from which the story is told.

RECOMMENDATIONS | The conclusions are drawn during IMMERSION, alongside the realities of available land, existing buildings, regulations, budget, etc., become the framework on which the architects build their recommendations for a MASTER PLAN. It is the weaving of the story, the school culture, and the physical space, which informs the master plan.

| Beautiful places tell their own story, a narrative guided by a site, a client preference, and the designer’s talent; all grounded in a spirit of collaboration. A master plan is the outcome of an important process that will guide a community into the future.

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